Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Banger Alert: Hittz Goes in On his New Single "Away From Me" ft. Kevin Gates & Josh K

This single is perfect for the upcoming cuffing season, Away from Me sets up the close out for the summer. Hittz standout verse talks about the intimate moments with his girl and being close to her even when she’s gone. Gates kicks off the single setting the tone getting the ladies warmed up for the kill. josh K seals the deal with his sultry, catchy hook that keeps you engaged to transition to each verse from beginning to end. Hittz sets the bar industry standard for this new hip hop, R&B love song “Away From Me.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

JP Thornewell Drops New Dope Single "How To Live"

Michigan native artist JP Thornewell is creating a major melodic lane for himself with new single “How to Live.” This song speaks to escaping regular life and being in the moment, yet exposing yourself to new experiences. JP’s cadence and bounce on the hook keeps you engaged to transition to the next verse, encouraging his “Cute lil bad b*$#h” to leave the boredom of the everyday acquaintances.

The mid slow tempo gives you a chance to rock with the beat, giving you a euphoric visual of living the experience JP’s painted. The delayed echoes in the background carry the song, encompassing his life as an individual not following the in-crowd. Setting the scene for some alone time, JP gives his chic an opportunity to not only keep it real with him but understand his lifestyle and his heart.

The son of a Vietnam veteran, his parents divorced at an early age. This fact attributes to why his sound bellies’ his youthful appearance. Conversely, his military school upbringing also attributes to his strong work ethic. Growing up hearing southern & midwest sounds is why JP strives to make music that connects with all people and gives him a distinct, non regional sound.Looking to be a contender on the national music scene in 2016, be on the look out for new music from JP Thornewell.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SKNY Partners With Grammy Nominated D.A. Damon, Mikkey Halsted (MEG) to Drop New Album “Welcome Home” With Over 300k Plays & Downloads

Welcome Home exemplifies the launch of SKNY to another level of artistry with dope buzz records including “Splash,” “Mike Lowery,” and “Wit It,” with major production from Bobby Johnson,, D.A. Damon, Tru Blu and more. Creating a major movement behind his brand, SKNY has built a unique audience of fans throughout the midwest and beyond. The seasoned performer was tour support from GHerbo “Ballin LIke I’m Kobe,” Tour,  and has opened up for major artists such as Diggy Simmons, Too Short, Tink, Future and more.

Take a listen to the EP "Welcome Home" right here:


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chicago's Newest Female Emcee Miss Chiff Partners With JXL on the New Single "Movin Up"

The duo of female rap artist Miss Chiff and male counterpart JXL have merged to create a dope track entitled “Movin’ Up”.  Miss Chiff raps about achieving Queen status in the rap game, being hungry for success and taking the industry by storm by introducing a brand new perspective. JXL chimes in, relating to the haves and the have-nots, the spontaneous and uncontrollable bouts with bad luck and the spirit of overcoming. The word play and rhyme scheme has a constant flow but changes to keep the listener engaged in the message.

“Movin Up’” discusses life's growing pains, new adventures that accompany growth and success, and the desire for us all to get with the times, before it is too late. In hindsight, the duet makes a statement for their music and the impact they will have; they are coming through, like a wrecking ball and not accepting “NO” for an answer. Miss Chiff and JXL prove they are on the rise, as they create music that shows their talent and consciousness. They are in it to win and refuse to take any loses with this high energy track.

Click here to listen to this amazing new single, today!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Artist & Dash Radio Host Sean Mula 's New Single “Summertime” Carries Listeners Through Sunny L.A.

Hip Hop artist and producer Sean Mula has spiked the temperature with his new single "Summertime". Teaming up with his college friend, singer Dylan Rockoff on his new single, the new single has potential to be named the newest summer anthem for 2016. "Summertime" kicks off with a solid tempo you can bounce to, and a story line that is as serene as if you could feel the California breeze hitting your face. Sean Mula takes listeners on a journey, making appearance at parties on Hillside, enjoying bong rips , skinny dipping; all the fun that encompasses the dream of California living.

“Summertime” is for the young, free spirited youth who enjoys authentic tacos, whiskey, and Mary Jane. Dylan’s soulful hook, seals the deal bringing the concept of the collaboration creating the ideal debut single to ride, dance or vibe to. The single debuted on Dash Radio’s show, “The Kick Back” garnering great feedback and launching the single to a broad audience.

Click here to listen to "Summertime" x Sean Mula ft. Dylan Rockoff, today!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kosha Dillz LP "What I Do All Day & Pickle" on 5 Different Billboard Charts

rapper Kosha Dillz' new album "What I do All Day and Pickle" has hit the Billboard Charts not just on one chart but on 5 different charts. Congrats Kosha ! Check out Kosha Dillz "Dodging Bullets" Ft. Matisyahu Music Video. Check @KoshaDillz on Twitter. 

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NYC Rapper Aadanis Drops HOT New Track Titled "Harriet's Blood Been"

Brooklyn native Aadanis has a new single called "Harriet's Blood Been" that carries provocative lyrics and tells the courageous tale of Black people and the distinct reality street based violence, government inflicted gentrification and systemic oppression, over a soul stirring beat. Followed by a strong narrative and straightforward thrills, the dope new single is likely to take you on a trip through memory lane and a deeper understanding of who Aadanis is, within.

. Listen to Harriet's Blood Been, NOW:

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[XVThree] Ezkiel Releases Sultry New Single “Focus!

The soulful, artistic singer Ezkiel paints another beautiful song “Focus”. The Latin American heartthrob continues to garner music that captivates not only edgy lyrics, but also great production and harmony. “Focus”, is a segment of a full musical storyline, where Ezkiel encourages his girl to be independent and live the life she always wanted. The sultry singer tells her to ignore the boys, fame and fortune and focus on what presently is about to happen. With the perfect balance of not saying too much, “Focus” displays his songwriting talent, yet demonstrates a creative way to convey to her that she’s her biggest fan.

To listen to this enticing new single, click here.

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New Music by Independent Hip Hop Artist Tony Diamonds "Speechless" (Prod by BGMGJuno)

Los Angeles based Hip Hop artist Tony Diamonds releases this thought provoking joint "Speechless" produced by BGMGJuno... Expect more HEAT from Tony D in the future. Follow him on Twitter @Tony_Diamonds

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G-Eazy "Me, Myself & I" Live from Tampa Bay (Endless Summer Tour)

Maria Hare (Yay.Maria) x G-Eazy 

G-Eazy performs "Me, Myself & I" in Tampa for part of his Endless summer Tour with Logic and Yo Gotti. My daughter Maria Hare aka Yay.Maria filmed this with her phone and posted it on her page. Afterwards she was able to meet Young Gerald, who just so happens to be her favorite Rapper !