Sunday, January 22, 2017

NEW: Vincent VanGREAT "Radical" (Official Video)

Milwaukee's very own Vincent VanGREAT releases "Radical" his 2nd visual from Vincent VanGREAT's self produced debut LP "UnGREATful". Video Shot and Edited by John JSwaqq Holifield.

NEW: Gabe Gizz "Train Wrecked" (Official Visual)

Here is a new visual "Train Wrecked" by Gabe Gizz produced by rexxisdead and Shepard Hues. This gritty visual was shot in Rockford, Illinois and shows off Gabe's abstract and unique style. We at #662 been rocking with Gabe for a couple of years now. Check this video and others of his on YouTube. Follow @GabeGizz on Twitter.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

KD Young Cocky Debuts His New Video "Work For It" from the EP Take A Hit

KD Young Cocky shows a more mellow and sincere side to his music with the release of his latest video “Work For It”. This laid back tune talks about KD working his way up, how he has no time for people with a broke mentality or haters and how he expects others to hustle for theirs. With his cash laid out on fine china and a drink in his hand, KD takes us around the lavish mansion spitting bars like “Out the mud; had to get it out the mud” referring to how pressing the hustle world can be for someone trying to find a way out. A perfect segue to show KD Young Cocky’s transition from a kid in Chicago to the man he is becoming. The video also takes viewers inside one of his performances full of high energy and packed with tons of fans, vibing out to his music & energy.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

B. Bandz Drops His Brand New Video for the Single "How I'm Coming"

Teen rap prodigy B. Bandz drops new flossed out video “How I’m Coming”. The setting of the video kicks off in a mansion living lavish, counting money, nice cars and his squad behind him. B. Bandz gives us a day in the life of his grind prepping for his music career taking off. The video opens up with Bandz sitting on the couch, lap full of bands bragging about the come up, and what’s next. Surrounded by pretty girls, wearing a robe, counting money and shooting pool and his crew B.Bandz drops lines with creative wordplay fused with Chicago slang. “How I’m coming” Video not only displays B.Bandz standards but paints a picture of the Fresh Prince of Chicago in the making.

Rapper Oz Premiers "Sirloin Snack" Featuring Rockie Fresh

Rapper Oz is spitting pure heat in his brand new single “Sirloin Snack”. Sirloin Snack jumps off with that real, throwback hip-hop flow, low beats and high vocals amplifying every  line. The theme is a metaphor to how Oz feels about his mission to rise to the top of the game. Oz tells listeners “F*ck a burn, i’d just rather spit these cold ass raps; f*ck a beef, I just treat it like some sirloin snacks” proving he’s focused on no small things, only making music and money. Guest feature by popular lyricist Rockie fresh who continues to smooth vibes of heavy bars over a cool melody, he drops lines like “Stand behind my bars so them boys yelling free us” and “Just a young n*gga tryna make it up in the game. Now i’m ballin' I prolly end up in the Hall of Fame.”

sirloin snacks 4 new.jpg

Friday, January 6, 2017

Midwest Rapper JEFF K%NZ Releases Hot New Single “Type”


Hailing from Champaign, IL this talented rapper has created a bass heavy track embedded with catchy punchlines, as a declaration of just what type of man he is. The single, properly titled “Type” is the perfect introduction of K%nz to fans about who he is and what he has to say with his music. Jeff K%nz energetic bars are filled with gems like “Bout the action only if it calls for it, but usually it never hits my line” and “Jeff K%nz on they heels now. Whoever run the game achilles getting cut”, indicating his creativity and variety of metaphors that will definitely take him far in the competitive rap game.

Listen to “Type” right here :

Thursday, December 29, 2016

HipHopDX Premiers Artist B. Bandz Debut Mixtape “How I'm Coming”


TST Legacy artist B.Bandz drops his debut project “How I'm Coming with major production from Chase Davis, Cash Money AP & Proto Cal (Credits: Future, 2Chainz). The new project features hit single "Wonderful Feeling”, ft. Atlantic Recording artist DLow, “I'm Sorry”, “Fresh”, and “Y.R.N.” And additional features with 2 Crucial exclusively on Itunes  and Nia Kay artist of Jermaine Dupree's reality show "The Rap Game”.

“How I'm Coming depicts B. Bandz as the “Fresh Prince of Chicago”, uncovering the various excursions of a typical young man chasing girls, money, and living his idea of the American Dream. “How I'm Coming” has a positive approach,  with B.Bandz creative wordplay fused with Chicago slang. The catchy hooks and open concept videos breathe a fresh and new perspective of what good music means. B. Bandz’s quality of content and engagement throughout the project proves that this is just the beginning & encourages his fans to match his fresh.

Listen to "How I'm Coming" on Live Mixtape Here.