Thursday, April 28, 2016

AM Early Morning Drops New "Sexy B*****s And Champagne" Single Off Late Night Early Morning II

Just in time for the liberating days of warmer weather, Chicago based rap artist A.M. Early Morning, has created yet another anthem with his newest single “Sexy B*tches and Champagne”. This cruise worthy song is the product of an unlikely encounter the artist had, while attending a wedding one evening.The artist recounts a tale of meeting a woman at a Jewish wedding and, after expressing to her how beautiful he thought the women in the room to be, the woman replied “Ain't nothing but sexy b*tches and champagne here, baby!" and from there, the story unfolds. A.M. Early Morning uses this song to tell listeners that all he wants, essentially, is to enjoy life to the fullest extent, celebrating with nothing but good energy, high times, Sexy B*tches, and Champagne.

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Check out the new music here:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Landon Battles Releases New "Ain't Feeling These N****S At All No Mo" Off "Black Gold" Project

Landon is a young lyricist out of Chicago that shows a lot of passion, promise, and lyricism to match.
Artist Landon Battles is back once again with another hot track, making it clear how he feels about loyalty and those who betray trust. The artist has just released a brand new single entitled “Ain’t Feelin These N****z At All No Mo” and is making no mistake in telling listeners about what he is and just is not feeling! In this bass heavy thumper with the old school groove, the artist tells a story about a tricky situation that doesn’t sit right with the Chicagoan. Landon, who is big on loyalty remaining true to yourself and your team, raps about a few relationships that went sour and how he has no time for the fake!

Check out Landon's new joint here:
  Social Media: @LandonBattles

Z-Verse Drops New Album "The Antidote" Check It Out Here

“The Antidote” is meant for people to begin the discussion of controversial issues such as police brutality, global warming and societal problems our communities embark on. This project is to serve as a solution guide, with answers to our problems through Z-Verse’s perspective. “Instead of making music that expresses that hurt in an angry or violent way”, Z-Verse sets out to explain, “we are trying to literally spread love to defeat the pain, we rather give people a solution, rather than see them wallow in disappointment and despair.” Most production on “The Antidote” project were done by Xcel Beatz, The Gift and Z-Verse himself.

 Listen to Z-Verse's new project "The Antidote" here:

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Elite Society Is Back With New Single "These Days" (Feat. Lionel & KY Soul)

Revolutionary group Elite Society is back with new single "These Days" ft Lionel and KY Soul. "These Days" starts off with a poem, narrating the hostile environment we live in today, such as police brutality, poverty, laziness and the lack of love among ourselves.

 Elite Society informs that we reside in a society where we are constantly bombarded with lavish apparels and lifestyles from the media, instead of working harder to attain our goals especially with all the odds working against us. The music elaborates on our generation's new affirmed mentality of materialism, rather than choosing to acquire intelligence and self worth. Through Elite Society's sensitive lyrics and deep words, "These Days" teaches us that love is the essence for our generation to thrive.

 Listen to "These Days" below:
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NEW VIDEO: Blazo Drops Visual "Mental" off Debut Project "Tables Always Turn"

Blazo drops dope visuals for new single "Mental" off debut mixtape "Tables Always Turn." After gaining major buzz from his most recent released project, Blazo is consistently dropping jewels off the mixtape, letting his fans and new fans know he is in it for the long haul. Mental video is simple yet perfect for the mood of the song,the dope hotel view and angles set the scene, keeping you engaged in the visual. Blazo created a love rap song for women saying they are more than just eye candy. He wants to get into her head and really see what she's about, taking the physical part of the night to the next level by learning about his girl. Ignoring the lavish part. Wanting a chic that is the Bonnie to his Clyde or Michelle to Obama, someone who is down with him no matter what. With the many "models" of the industry and digital age, there are few and far between women who can tap into their "Mental." Tap into your mental with Blazo.



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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

NEW MUSIC: Ty Money Drops “Hasta Luego” Hosted by DJ Moondawg

As the city prepares for the warm weather seasons, the music industry is getting geared up for even hotter releases from some of the industry’s most talented, rising artists. Emerging at the forefront of the Hip-Hop scene, Chicago’s Ty Money is blazing the airwaves with the brand new project “Hasta Luego” hosted by legendary DJ Moondawg! This mixtape is packed with banger after banger, with singles such as “Bad Luck”, “United Center”, and of course the title track “Hasta Luego”!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Saba Drops New Music "100" Off Ira Antelis' "Gone But Not" Duality Project

The mid tempo sound of 100 sampled from the original work of Ira Antelis "Gone But Not" project displays the a dope euphoric, drum heavy beat. Chicago Native, Saba describes the coming up from nothing and being genuine since day one. His catchy hook flows into each verse and coincides into the song, creating a never ending constant sound. Saba diverse flow articulates the message of his purpose, his music and his journey, keeping it 100.

Social Media: @SabaPIVOT

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DJ Earn Money Releases New "I Know A Girl" Single

Back at it again, just in time for Springtime vibes, DJ Earn Money has given listeners another extraordinary techno mashup with his latest single “I Know A Girl”. This latest single showcases the artist’s versatility, being written and produced by himself. This song informs listeners about the different types of women DJ Earn Money has encountered and how they don't always ends up being who they said they were. This fun, yet relatable song has a heavy bass that carries you from start to finish!

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