Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mack 11's Neighborhood Dope Dealer Signs up C-Sick & 808 Mafia For Debut Mixtape Hosted by Dj Milticket

Mack 11 Newcomer to the rap game, drops the perfect introduction to let his competition know he has arrived. Singles such as Biscuit, I Feel Like Snappin contribute to the momentum his is gaining in the streets already building a buzz in Chicago. Mack 11 strategic release of "Neighborhood Dope Dealer" attributes to his former life and transitioning to the industry. The project tells stories of the drug game, a lavish lifestyle, street life and women. With a melodic flow and steady cadence, Mack 11 first impression is keeping everyone on their toes with upcoming singles including Back it Up ft. St. Millie, production from 808 Mafia & C-Sick.

Monday, September 26, 2016

"Minnesota" - Lil Yachty - (Povi Cover)

the next big thing.

International Maverick is back with new self produced visual entitled ''North Pole God''

Chicago mc/producer International Maverick is back with new self produced visual entitled ''North Pole God'',this time around iMav displays his talents as an lyricist as well as a producer on this one by delivering clever word play and cadence over a fine tuned sample of Italian gothic music joined by heavy drums,the visual was shot by go to camera man Work Nowitzki and Modest Goddess.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NEW VIDEO: Stunna Dre Drops New Video “Ric Flair” produced by C-Sick

Stunna Dre kills the competition with the opening scene of the video with vintage footage of Ric Flair talking classic trash talk. Open world films does an amazing job at capturing the scenery, showing Stunna Dre flossing behind a graffiti, run down ware house in the trap. The song visual gives a cinematic feel with the shots from the top and Dre riding on top the porsche, mirrors the essence of what the video Ric Flair represents flashy, lavish yet real. Along with the dope visual, Stunna Dre is prepping to tour performing “Ric Flair” in major cities including Cleveland, New York, St. Louis, Tuscan & more.

Monday, September 19, 2016

NEW Video: Oz Syed Signs Up National Producer C-Sick (Nas, King Louie) for New Video & Single She's Gone

Rap artist Oz gets real personal in the new single “She’s Gone”. This mid-tempo ode to a young love will take many listeners down a familiar path, reminiscing on past relationships that just didn’t go as planned. Oz is talking to a young lady in the song, expressing to her that the issues they had in their past are old news, and he’s trying to make things right again. The rapper declares that he has been going through some things, how he has felt lost without her, and how he would be so much happier if he could share the luxuries of his career with this special someone. The video follows this love rollercoaster, from start to finish. The video opens with Oz laying in bed alone, realizing that she’s not there. Over the course of the video we witness a playback of their time together and apart, with interruptions from Oz, on the phone with the woman, telling her that choosing someone over him is a mistake, and he is hell bent on making it up to her. Oz confesses that he is done with the games and is ready to get it right one last time.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rap Artist Seb Torgus of Rich America Releases Amazing Visuals for “Sadboy Anthem”

With great energy and a catchy, upbeat and refreshing flow, Seb Torgus is definitely making an impression in the video for his latest single “SadBoy Anthem”. This rebel psalm introduces viewers to a regular kid cornered by loneliness, and his journey from the average Joe to a music artist with pop style and dynamic sound. By accompanying him on a first person journey, we see that Seb is living an exciting life much better than the days he once knew. The rapper assures viewers that he’s been enjoying growing into a young man: from a “sad boy” to a cool kid, making music, partying, and enjoying the moment, doing things his own way in his own time. Seb Torgus proves that despite working hard and making money, he will not forget where he started. No longer a sad, Seb is celebrating his evolution with these amazing visual effects for this really hot single.

Twitter: @SebTorgus @RichAmericaINC

Monday, September 5, 2016

Chicago Producer Lord Haiti Releases the Video for His Title Track “OMS (On My Sou)l”

One of the Midwest's rising producers Lord Haiti has created the perfect visual for his single “OMS (On My Soul)”. OMS is a collection of sounds, that serve as the background music for an ode to our universe and its energy. Lord Haiti applies his conscious to create visuals for the single that depict the events and circumstances we are experiencing, today. It can be said that the images of the video are telling a story of human origin and evolution. The video portrays a subliminal undertone, where the use of eyes repeatedly throughout can be seen as call to action: encouraging listeners to open their eyes and pay attention to the world around them! Lord Haiti combines abstract art and animation to effortlessly to tell this story, in a song where the music speaks for itself.

Go into a deeper realm with “OMS”. Listen here!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

[New Music] Chicago's DJ Earn Money Sends A Message of Rebellion, Drops His New Single “Uncouth”!

In his brand new single entitled “Uncouth”, our favorite unconventional DJ opts to drop a few weighted bars, exclaiming why he's forsaken all bounds, lost his composure, and is just about ready to risk it all living a life he loves and deserves. “Uncouth” portrays DJ Earn Money’s sentiments towards rules and structures, revealing a greater rebellion we had yet to see in the artist, until now. Over a base infused, chopped, techno mashup track, Earn Money talks about his extraordinary lifestyle of doing, saying, and being whomever he desires to be. The lyrics portray confidence, letting Earn Money brag about himself his lifestyle. Earn Money makes sure to mention how many enemies, after discovering realizing his talent, now wish to call a truce; but this DJ won't budge. He's letting haters stay in their lane and continuing to do things his way, with no regard.

“Uncouth” is the perfect song for any situation where you have decided to take control of your destiny and do things your own way: from career goals to seeing the world at your own pace and making the most of every moment.

Get uncouth with DJ Earn Money, today! Click here to listen to the hot new single!
Stay tuned in with DJ Earn Money on social media: @DJEarnMoney

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

[New Video] Miss Chiff and Sex the Rapper Dominate Their New Visual for "Movin' Up"

Miss Chiff and Sex The Rapper take their latest single “Movin’ Up” to a whole new level with the release of their music video. Modeling the scene of a ceremony for a secret society, the video kicks off with Miss Chiff surrounded by women, covered in cloaks, face masks, in formation. Ready to take on any encounter, Miss Chiff makes it known she’s queen and isn’t stopping. Sex the Rapper appears in the scene to back up Miss Chiff’s reign leading the men in the ceremony. “Movin’ Up” speaks as a metaphor of transition, the upper echelon and exceeding the expectation of others.

The mysterious setting and lighting adds to the mood of the video making scenes more dramatic and cinematic. With the many visuals to come, the video is setting the bar for Miss Chiff’s upcoming album “Alpha,” showing the industry she is a force to be reckoned with.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Banger Alert: Hittz Goes in On his New Single "Away From Me" ft. Kevin Gates & Josh K

This single is perfect for the upcoming cuffing season, Away from Me sets up the close out for the summer. Hittz standout verse talks about the intimate moments with his girl and being close to her even when she’s gone. Gates kicks off the single setting the tone getting the ladies warmed up for the kill. josh K seals the deal with his sultry, catchy hook that keeps you engaged to transition to each verse from beginning to end. Hittz sets the bar industry standard for this new hip hop, R&B love song “Away From Me.”